We have finally found a man from Alexandria. He traded us Gold! when we come to our home, we will be able to feast like emperors! My husbands eyes sparkle for we have never held gold in our hands! I'm amazed anybody would actually want our spices! We are traveling back to our village now, and I hope nothing has changed. If so, We might as well be emperors. We are no longer peasants! But, I know not to get to excited. All the gold could still be stolen. We have a long journey home. Either way, we will be able to be rich for several days. My husband is speaking of taking up residence along the Silk Road, and at this point, I may just say yes. But, as I look at my children sleep, I become aware, that maybe several journeys is all we can take. But, I now promise myself that I will go back on the Silk road. And this time I will NOT complain!

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