Toys in China

I chose sillybandz because they are so succesful!!! It may seem like they wouldnt get much money, but they make a ton!!! If you think about it, almost every kid from the age 4-18 have sillybandz. Most have several packs worth of sillybandz. each pack is worth $6.50. That means that Sillybandz are a BILLION dollar business!!! Plus, when a sillyband breaks, theres an urge to replace it. and usually, a person will buy an entire pack.  15,000 packs of sillybandz are shipped out everyday, and in most stores, they just fly off the shelves!!! I like Sillybandz because they are cheap and affordable, and their fun!!! You can even spin them around on your fingers!!! Sillybandz are hot like the sun right now. and in a quote from CNN: "If Sillybandz were a person, they would be Justin Bieber!"

KMH researched a popular toy in China, "Silly Bandz", and made a commercial advertising the product.