Famous Art Recreation!

The Terra-Cotta warriors are very famous statues that are also very unique. Each one looks different, and, 1,800 have been found, there are much more!!  They are all made of, obviously, terra cotta.  They are a replica of the Qin army, and were created over 2,200 years ago!!! Qin Shi Huang had an army of one million professional soldiers! He also began the creation of the Great Wall. The Terra-cotta warriors took over 720,000 people to build it, in 37 years. They were created to defend his underground kingdom from attack.

Now those are some old warriors!

If you want to learn more about the Terra-Cotta warriors, check out the link below!!!

In this portion of the project, KMH created a terracotta warrior drawing and provided a description of what a terra cotta warrior is.