Olympic Observations

The 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony --

The opening ceremony was amazing!  All of the positive words in the universe could not be enough to tell the world how stupendous it was!  They jammed ancient culture with modern reality.  The fireworks, enough to light he city for miles around, were the main attraction of this show, because the Chinese invented them.  The choreography and props were created with fine detail.  The globe those people danced on was beautiful.  Over 15,000 performers performed that night.   The song “You and Me” was created for this special ceremony.

                But, as life comes with death, there had to be a screw-up.  And, sadly enough, one of them was in my favorite part.  We know about the part when “the girl in the red dress sang,” it was beautiful.  But, it was not her.  The singing was actually done by Yang Peiyi (the one with less perfect teeth), and the performer was Lin Maoke (the one with perfect teeth).  The Chinese did this so China could show its best, although I think they should have let Maoke sing.

                Another screw-up is the footprints, the giant ones before the ceremony.  Although they were there, the film that they showed us on television and on the screen in the Bird Nest was not real.  It was computer graphics.  Those took a very long time to make, and their purpose is true:  they did not want anyone to get hurt or miss any of the lighted footprints (while filming).

How were the Chinese? --

                We all know the Chinese swept the floor, medal-wise.  From gymnastics to table tennis, they got all the golds.  With an amazing 51 gold medals, 21 silvers, and 28 bronze, to say they didn’t succeed is a total lie.  As many people said, “been there done that,” you would never say that if you actually saw the 2008 Games. 

                For example, the Chinese gymnasts Cheng Fei, Deng Linlin, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Li Shan Shan, and Yang Yilin all brought glory to China the day they brought gold to their country.  They beat the U.S. by a little bit more than a point.  That fabulous day was August 13, 2008.

                One of the only negative things that happened to the Chinese was Liu Xiangs injured Achilles tendon.  Liu Xiang is a fabulous track star, he was the guy that got gold in the 2004 Athens Games in the 110 meter hurdles.

                The opening and closing ceremonies will definitely add merit.

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PLP wrote two articles about the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  The topics were the Opening Ceremony, the scandals throughout the Games, and how China did overall.