First Day - Give Me CHINA!
Today is my first day on the silk road. My husband steers as I sit in the backseat with our children. This is our fifth time traveling the road. My husband Chin Lee, is a merchant. Early this morning, we packed up our spices, and decided that today we would leave. I fear setting out for the increase in thieves. I feel unsafe traveling with children. Its worth it if we can drastically increase our wealth. I do not wish to travel the entire road on this journey, but to find someone to barter with soon. If not, I think we will run out of food and water. My husband is hoping to find a man from a strange place called Alexandria. I do not know why. I wonder how people can stand to live in the huts by this road. I would go insane. There's many people hoping to make their future in wealth, and are wiling to kill a fellow man for it. I will never understand that mentality. As it is almost night, I shall look for an Inn to rest our weary heads.

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