25th day - Give Me CHINA!
It has been a long journey. My limbs hurt from sitting for so long! I have seen much culture, but I know everyone is the same. They only care about wealth. I have seen some people with many strange relics and statues. I wonder what religions some of these people believe in. Its so strange. My husband has been offered many things, but nothing of real importance. My husband has become dissettled. He has never sat still this long. He seems more angry than I've ever seen him. He has not met a man from Alexandria yet. I do not know why he is so driven to find one. I would have accepted many offers we have received, but he speaks of gold. As nice as it would be to have gold, I don't know how good our chances are with our limited spices. I hope we find one soon for we packed only enough food for about 70 days if we eat small amounts.I hear they are creating a Silk Road by sea, and I know my husband must too. I only hope he dosent wish to travel farther than the asia minor!

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